Southend United midfielder Timothee Dieng has been handed a two match ban for ‘misleading a referee’ during the 1-1 draw with Scunthorpe United on Saturday.

Dieng won a second half penalty for Southend after being pushed in the chest by Iron captain Jordan Clarke, who was also sent off by referee Rob Lewis for violent conduct.

Scunthorpe have now successfully appealed against Clarke’s dismissal and Dieng, who went to ground holding his face, has now been punished for his part in the incident.

Southend boss Mark Molesley insisted the Essex club would be appealing the decision, which he labelled ‘ridiculous’.

“When they downgraded the red card they’re now trying to get Tim, but what did he do wrong?” said Molesley.

“Tim got pushed to the floor and hit his head which already had a big bandage on it.

“Apparently when he was on the floor he held his head, but if you had a bandage on with dust all in your face after you’ve been pushed over then I don’t know what you’re meant to do.”