No matches available in this championship.

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League Table
Smudger1. Smudger185
BartonIron2. BartonIron184
Stuart3. Stuart166
Oppidum3. Oppidum166
Heath3. Heath166
Sanfran496. Sanfran49165
Noster7. Noster163
mistertonmick8. mistertonmick162
sixtiesprogrammeboy9. sixtiesprogrammeboy154
bartonscorpion10. bartonscorpion152
toney11. toney147
Ironfan12. Ironfan139
MK Iron12. MK Iron139
Dagscunny14. Dagscunny128
Greylag15. Greylag126
ironjig15. ironjig126
Cliff Byrne's Right Peg15. Cliff Byrne's Right Peg126
Ex Officio18. Ex Officio123
Northumbiron19. Northumbiron119
copenhagen iron20. copenhagen iron118
Ironitis21. Ironitis117
BarnardFoxtonBarker..22. BarnardFoxtonBarker..113
IronBoot23. IronBoot111
Sufcruleok24. Sufcruleok110
SST25. SST105
102hc26. 102hc96
cassidystash27. cassidystash86
jefftheref28. jefftheref45
let_me_in29. let_me_in21
DarrynStampGoalMachine30. DarrynStampGoalMachine8