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Awaywego—–If playersare not going to be kept on at the end of the season, or going to be offered contracts with the salary being slashed, they do not want tellingthis imfo with ten or twelve games remaining. Uf you were in their position, would you be happy and giving your best, because there are a lot of players that will not bein that group.

Who in their rightmind would employ a squad of about 35 players and naybe 15 youngsters, this being for a team in League Two, same as being stated on here, a squad of about 20 better class of players rather that 35 with 15 or more not good enough, we are saying that we have players not trying, but are they capable of doing any better, we watch Loft, and he cannot even control a ball. Hippolyte cannot even pass a ball, and Greem only touches a ball for about two mins per game, Turan does not even need a ball, and we have our normal squad of about eight long term or regular injured players in the club, so what chance is there of turning out an entertaining team. Added to this the manager plays a system where we never get above three shot on target in 90 mins, and one up front even against very poor teams, and all we get is “well he did not get a good squad handed to him, Christ he has been here all season and we are playing his style of shite, and it appears to be getting worse, he moans at the team after games, but it is him that is selecting the players, and told to play his pormation, end of story.

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