In days gone by, it was common practice for punters to stick what was widely regarded as a coupon on. Coupons used to be one of the only forms of betting and are the early forms of what we would now regard an Acca bet to be. Acca bets remain one of the most popular types of bets, particularly when it comes to football. Below we have delved deeper into some Acca Tips and found out just What Is An Acca Bet?

What is an Acca bet?

An Acca (short for Accumulator) is a multiple bet which incorporates 4 or more singles together in one larger bet. This means you choose a larger pool of selections for your betslip which allows the odds on your bet to multiple for larger prizes. The catch is that if even just one of your selections fails to win your bet will not come through and you will suffer at the hands of the bookies.

How do Acca bets work – an example?

To better understand exactly how acca bets work it is worth having a look at an example. As bets with 4 or more selections in them, a good example of an acca could be this 5-fold selection:

Manchester United to beat Liverpool at 2/1

Arsenal to beat West Ham at 3/1

Liverpool to beat Manchester City at 2/1

Leicester to beat Everton 4/1

Newcastle to beat Crystal Palace 4/1

With this selection of bets and with a wager of £2 you will return a huge £1800. That’s because with your £2 bet it gets multiplied each time by the next wager. So after the first game at 2/1 odds, you will return £6 from your £2 bet. The acca then automatically applies the next odds to your already won £6, for instance the 3/1 Arsenal – West Ham game in this example meaning that after two selections you would be returning £24 which would then multiply again – so on and so forth until you won all your selections and returned the grand total £1800 prize. Now this multiplying effect of acca’s is their appeal, but there is a big catch. If just one of your selections fails you lose the bet.

Why place an Acca bet?

The reason most people place an acca on is not only for fun but it is a great way of changing small wagers into big rewards if you can pull it off. They increase your profit chance but with that comes the increase in danger of the bet not winning. There is a great risk to reward ratio but one many enjoy to indulge in; many others fail in. It could be worth having a look at some footy acca tips if you are unsure where to begin when placing an acca. With just one selection needed to fail, accas are far from safe betting, especially in competitive leagues such as the EPL. Many bookies offer a saving grace nowadays though. Acca insurance is handed out by many bookies which often provides the bettor with a consolation if their acca loses by just 1 selection.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance insures the bettor that they will get compensation if only 1 of their selections fails. Many bookies now pay back the stake of the acca if one selection fails, whilst others pay out the bet at a compensated rate. You, of course, have to sign up for the acca insurance beforehand but it does provide a great safety net for large betslips like 10 folds which can be hard to predict.