What has Wilson got to do to get a game?

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    I would like to see Wilson game some L2 game time we need a bit of pace on the wing and get some decent crosses in the oppositions box.

    After the “tinkering” in the cup fixtures it will be very interesting to see Hills first L2 starting 11 formation plus bench… hopefully hes seen enough and his experience and decisions can make a difference.
    Cant say why but i do have a more optimistic mindset now the pretty inept Cox and Lillis have left the building.

    A few L2 club fans in my area i chat to a Carlisle fan who is worried now Scunny have a decent manager ..he was hoping Cox n Co would be in the job longer for obvious reasons , he also thought it was laughable that Chris Beech was in the running for the Iron job bearing in mind Carlisle had just sacked him… also got a Walsal fan here who is happier now they have improved recently and moved up the league not forgetting a Port Vale mate who is crowing a the moment giving me earache.

    Hoping for a positive outcome Saturday ..UP THE IRON

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    I’m not holding my breath for any major changes.
    It doesn’t matter who the manager is, who the players are, what system is played.
    Results have been pretty much the same: dull, boring, negative.

    Anyone expecting it to change because we have ANOTHER new manager is in for disappointment.

    And I don’t believe much will change until Swann has gone.

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    Would be interesting if Mr Lillis gave his view on his time back at GP.

    People may then get an real insight. It may surprise.

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    Why don’t you give the juicy insight, or are you bound by a high court gagging order?

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    Gagging order.

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    Still no room in the matchday squad under Hill!

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    See he played yesterday in the academy side, did anyone go? did Hill attend?and did he play very well?.

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    Didn’t see Hill there but don’t know for certain, did see Russ Wilcox though, does anyone know what he is upto nowadays?
    Wilson didn’t have a great game to be honest but I don’t intend that to be a criticism as such, he undoubtedly should have earned some game time earlier in the season judging by his pre-season performances. Not really sure where he would fit it with Hill’s very narrow midfield at the minute though?

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    Wilson can play upfront though. Could he be any worse than what we’ve got ?. It appears Hill sees him more of a midfielder though and playing how we’re playing “with essentially 4 cm players” not sure where he’d fit in if he’s not seen as a striker.

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