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    When will daws realise the 5 at the back just does not work.

    So the only reason we have been involved in games is due to scoring. So today he drops a striker and tried to play for the draw…

    Why can’t he just play 4 at the back and bang a holding midfielder in there with Butterfield and Beestin when fit..

    Apter is our best player and has been on fire behind the strikers. Today he was put wide for some reason?

    Just think if we stick with daws results won’t get much better. This group of players should not be in the bottom 4…

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    ….but we are in the bottom 4 so deal with it. Daws won’t be replaced because it means spending money which the owner won’t do, so deal with that too.

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    This group of players should not be in the bottom 4…

    Really? We’ve got the team we are prepared to pay for. no wonder we are struggling.

    But still, Turn up on Tuesday, don’t make a scene, buy something and let them take the piss out of you again..

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    Read that this team shouldn’t in the bottom 4 a few times now, personally it looked destined relegation pre season.

    Apter, Nuttall and Butterfield aside, the rest barely look up to this level.

    Keeper- not good enough
    Taft- stick a pitch fork up his arse so he’s doing some good whilst out there.
    Boyce- with another decent back he could get away with but looks exposed next to Taft.
    O’Malley-seems to be regressing every game.
    Nthle- not good enough

    Rowe- if played correctly should be good enough.
    Beestin- never consistent enough for a full 90
    Pugh- told he covers every blade of grass but never notice him on the pitch
    Whitehouse- not fit. What’s happened ?
    Daniel- not seen enough of him.

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    Not so much if we stick with Daws, as whilst we’re stuck with Daws!

    Swanny is probably still paying off Cox and Hill, he’s not going to shell out cash on a decent manager.

    Are there any out there anyway?

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