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    Registered On: July 20, 2015
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    Hi guys, it’s just reached the halfwat stage, and Scunnt are 1-0 up fter 47 mins of interesting footy. Scunny started very slowly for the firs 15 mins, but at half time are well in the game, although it is not easy playing with this ref who likes to be in the limelight too often.

    Please leave your player rating marks on here lads and any team comments, thanks.

    Registered On: July 20, 2015
    Topics: 43

    A very god performance from the team today, probably helped by having the same team as Tuesday, and certainly by playing a 4-4–2 system. All eleven players played well thus the high marks.

    HOWARD—8—Made a couple of good saves, and a bit of luck with the penatly that hit his foot.
    CLARKE—8–A good game and nice to see him not getting injured, lets hope he stays fit.
    McGAHEY—8—Great in midfield with his partner.
    SPENCE–8—Some lovely link up play, established player.
    BEESTIN–9–Great game and topped off with a good finish.
    O’MALLEY–9–My MOM, he really has come on as games pass, automatic team player now.
    GILLIEAD—8—Covered a lot of ground, and some clever runs.
    McANEE—8—Is getting more like the player we know having some game time.
    LOFT—8—Ran his self into the ground, also a good goal.
    EISA—8–Not as strong as usual, but still played well, better set pieces.

    REF—5—Too many mistakes by him, and could easily have spoiled the game, do not think Leyton will score him very high.

    COX–8—N ice to see him select the same team and play 4-4-2, just hope he has learned and seen how things have improved by not changing things to try and play to stop the other teams, well done. No poor players with them all playing in their best positions and knowing how to perform in a 4-4-2 set up.


    Nice seven Prediction League points, pity about the missed penalty or it would have been 12.

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    Howard -8- Penalty was poor but he kept it out and we might have collapsed if he didn’t. 2 or 3 really good saves and better distribution.

    Clarke -7- Not getting forward as much but put in a massive tackle near the end and walked away. Will continue to improve with games.

    McGahey -7- solid but given very little to do.

    Onarise -8- dominated again. Starting to look a very good signing

    O’Malley -9- superb again. Excellent delivery for the first goal and rarely gets beaten.

    Gillead -7- one of his quieter games not on the ball a lot but worked hard as always and did nothing wrong.

    Spence & Beestin -9- put them together cos they are really starting to look a pair. It’s all well and good having 2 good central midfielders but what makes a team is having partnerships that click and these 2 are really starting to.
    Superb again but we’ve got a massive hole of anything happens to either of them.

    Eisa -7- much better final balls but as with Gillead not on the ball a lot by his usual standard.

    McAtee -8- looking interested again and putting in the effort to go with his quality. Change of heart from him or grafting to try and earn a move? Who knows and if he keeps performing like this then who cares?

    Loft -8- never stops and puts himself about very well. His effort gives the defence a break when it’s needed. Took his goal very well.

    Cox -8- has he finally learned that we can beat anyone in this league if we pick a proper team and let them worry about us? I hope so

    Ref -4- poor again. Fussy and constantly conned by their 39 throwing himself on the floor. Poor view of the pen on iFollow but lofts arms were down.

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    As many will know, my opinions on refs over past seasons were a kind of composite from three or four of us.
    That group is no more.
    Having to rely on my own opinions is certainly tougher.

    To me, the ref was a clear notch below par – hence a base of 5/10.
    BUT – against that backcloth – 2 more marks were lost for critical, very poor decisions.
    If that was a penalty – we may as well give up. A shocker and probably awarded because of loud appeals by Orient.
    At the end, I was convinced that their player (19?) gave a forearm smash just below the Adam’s apple to our man. No red card.
    Conclusion: 3/10.

    O Malley is a rounded player. My MOTM. I was unable to give out any 6s or lower. Good stuff.

    Cox has learned important lessons.

    Registered On: December 23, 2013
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    Howard 8. Made 3 excellent saves including a penalty
    Clarke 8. Massive influence, nearly scored a spectacular header
    Onoraise 8. Excellent
    McGahey 8. Excellent
    O’Malley 9. MOM, made a goal and some great tackles
    Spence 7. Getting better and better
    Beestin 8. Like O’Malley becoming a great find
    Gillihead 7. Good game
    McAtee 7. He has got his mojo back
    Loft 7. Took his goal well, decent performance
    Eisa 7. Mixed bag, not as good as the other night

    Subs 6. Not on long enough to give a real Mark but didn’t do any wrong

    Ref 7. seen a lot worse but a dubious penalty

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    Howard – 8 – penalty save was crucial and made a few other decent ones.
    Clarke – 7 – good to see him complete 90 mins.
    McGahey – 7 – solid.
    Onariase – 8 – signing of the season.
    O’Malley – 9 – my MOTM. Keeps getting better, great cross for the goal and looked strong against a winger twice his size.
    Gilliead – 7 – not his best game but still influential.
    Spence – 7 – a real terrier.
    Beestin – 9 – gets classier every game.
    Eisa – 7 – not quite at the standard as he was Tuesday night but at least he beat the first man taking a corner this time!
    McAtee – 7 – decent, always wants the ball and harries the opposition.
    Loft – 7 – put in a good shift. Great header for his goal but also started it all off by winning back possession in midfield.

    Cox – 8 – nice to see him sticking to the formula that clearly works.

    Ref – 4 – crap.

    Registered On: December 27, 2013
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    Really good performance today. Beestin,O’Malley and Manny all stood out.

    It really is imperative we sign Beestin to a longer deal, his contract runs out end of this season and there will be teams there waiting for him.

    One of the best midfielders we’ve had in quite some time. Spence is no slouch but Beestin looks to have a bit of everything, he’s a very good at every aspect of central midfield play.

    Loft is looking the part now. I may have to eat my words if he keeps going…which I won’t at all mind as long as he’s doing well.

    O’Malley needs tying down to a longer contract…he reminds me a bit of Townsend. O ‘Malley I think may become better than him though.

    Top talent.

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    A bit of a slow start but once we’d taken the early pressure and started to assert ourselves on the game I thought we we’re really good against a strong Orient side.
    Howard: 9 best game so far in iron colours
    All 4 defenders 9!! Absolutely outstanding!!!!
    Spence & Beestin : 9 WOW these guys are killing it right now!!
    Gilliead: 9 superb today
    Eisa: 7 I thought he was 10/10 against Harrogate today just not on the money
    McAtee: 7 pretty good
    Loft: 8 selfless as always and now 2 in 2
    Ref: 6 started poor and after the Pen decision I feared the worst but he then started booking orient players and didn’t stop!
    Cox: 9 keep it up!! Experienced guys back and a settled 11 and amazingly 3 back to back wins and we will be pushing the play offs… Well done!!

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