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Siderite—–surely you are not suggesting that SUFC will still be in existance at the end of the season, how do you think that the Tax situation will be sorted out, and who is going to pay the monthly wage bill????. No pal, Swann will close the club as soon as possible so that he can get some more money.

Unless the club is sold to someone that has the clubs interest at heart, it will not survive, and the interest seems to be flagging as far as the Elliot and Sharp deal is concerned, it has gone really quiet, and if they are struggling to find the sum of £3 million, they also are dreaming if they intend to opeerate a professional football club.

If Sewann did not hold a vendetor against the Scunny fans, things would have a chance, but he has to have someone to blame for his total disater of driving our club out of existance, it was the contractor for the New Stadium failure, it was the NLCC for the second Stadium and the 160 flats, I do not know who was to blame for the £20 million refurbishment of GP, but ha blames the fans for all our relegations and money loss, ho and his final one of blaming the Boolies for him picking the wrong horses that he lost his millions on!!! Sadly there is no answer to the clubs present situation, I hope that protests continue, but there are not enough supporters that are backing them.

provided we last that long