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If anyone will sort them it will be Hill. You can already see he’s put a bit in place already. At least against Salford we actually had some structure to the way we played.

In a space of a week we’ve gone from being knackered after 30 minutes to knackered after 60 and that to me is big progress in a week.

Throw into the mix he’s already ring marked the players who need to be fitter and the pillock/pillocks who spend all week in the physio room to then magically become fit on the day before the game.

No doubt he’s also spotted the wide options are shite..hence why he’s playing with 4 central midfielders. Glad he’s also playing Rowe at RB due to Millen not being able to defend.

I think Perry playing further forward as a more attacking midfielder to link play is a good move as well. Got that bit of craft and passing ability with less defensive responsibility which is one part of his game which is lacking.

All in all, good progress.

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