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Went to the Meeting and Swann totally focused on getting the missing 1000 back.
I m also not impressed with what’s going on to attract people back who they are convinced don’t come mainly from Covid related reasons.
Seem to pinning a lot of hope on this survey but when asked how many had replied no one seemed certain ! Then 400 mentioned but survey still open.
When suggestions put forward to attract new fans there always seemed a reason why they could nt do it. It might have been an idea if one of the Team with Mr Swann had taken notes of suggestions put to them !
Not doing this gives the impression not really interested in what was said to them! Mind you the Meeting was half over before the other 3 were introduced and that was only after someone asked who they were !
They did not seem to grasp or want to that there are a lot of other factors besides Covid that have lost the 1000 fans.
Hill turning this lot into a Football Team seems to be their plan
The Meeting was told by Mr Swann that something is happening at Board Level in the next couple of weeks.

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