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Since Swann took the helm have seen the fans being insulted, castigated, and blamed for the plight the club finds itself in. It’s been a masterclass on how to alienate the owner from the club supporters.

If Swann actually starts to deliver on his promises of ground redevelopment. then backs Keith Hill in the transfer market, releases a timeline of when the ground and facilities will be returned back into SUFC ownership, and leads by example by actually attending the home matches, we might actually see the club regain many of it’s missing supporters.

Hasn’t he just missed his latest deadline? Didn’t he say work was starting by the end of October? Or was it November? December? January 2023?

Seriously, I read all the stuff on here about if he pays off the loan, if he gives us a timeline for giving the stadium back, if he gives us a timeline for stadium development… and I wince.
Have we learned nothing?
Believe NOT ONE THING WILL HAPPEN, until you see it with your own eyes.

Some of us need to listen to the old Who classic, “Wont get fooled again”.

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