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You may have seen this article already Ferrite? Differing views, some I can empathise with others absolutely not…

No, I hadn’t seen that. The last two people really make you shake your head, don’t they?

I suppose my real point is this: I just don’t understand *this* being the breaking point for PL fans. And, on top of that, if the Superleague doesn’t happen then we cannot go back to the old status quo, which wasn’t working for 99% of the football pyramid. I get the impression that the majority of Big 6 fans would be happy to rewind the clock to last Sunday morning (of course I could be wrong) but this needs to be a line in the sand moment and the time to reform the game.

I mean, when third-tier clubs are losing £3m+ per season chasing promotion, you know the game is not in a healthy state!

was merely having a discussion with Ferrite about his opening post, you know the topic in question? I’m not, and wasn’t, irate about it. Difference of opinion. It happens.

It’s not the modern way to discuss a difference of opinion reasonably, should we start name-calling?

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