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You have got a point Ferrite, but it’s far from funny for those supporters who’ve been disenfranchised for years by unscrupulous owners. Money talks and many supporters who would’ve been in the Stretford End, The Kop, etc, as kids have been priced out. Many of them will be disgusted with this move. Do they deserve to be laughed at? Not for me.

I completely agrew with your sentiment but they were priced out years ago. Anyone who is still there has put up with being pushed around, fleeced at every opportunity, ignored in any major developments and has watched their clubs massively distort club football. I feel sorry for people who feel like their clubs have left them and I feel sorry for anyone who can’t afford to go to watch their team (which also applies at this level) but I don’t feel too sorry for those fans of Big 6 clubs who have defended everything their club does for years.