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Loft works his gonads off. Yes – he has some awful games but the good games are in there too.
When he has to go searching for the ball – he makes more mistakes than he does on those few occasions when he does get the ball cleanly.
The why of that baffles me to an extent. (A psychologist could probably explain it.)
With a season playing alongside a fit KVV, I am convinced that he would have now been a significantly better player.

The KVV problem is a really big worry. He has played only a handful of games and most of those were ones with him coming back from injury and having to be nursed. The goals have been few.

I am disinclined to see him offered a contract. Presumably his wages are the highest in the club. (Sadly, I no longer have the sources who used to supply me with those kind of details.)
For what we pay Kev, might we not get a forward who plays a 6.5/10 most weeks?

Next season – the big worry is surely going to be the total absence of ‘flair players’.

As the games have gone by, I have been increasingly less impressed with the Karacan contribution. It is very hard to say whether or not this is because of the roles he has been given by the manager.

A side surely needs 4 flair players who can cement a place in the team if we are to challenge. How do we attract such when paying low wages?

I have zero optimism for next season. The sides we put out are surely going to be poorer than the one which has been relegation-threatened for much of this season.

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