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i can see what you are saying MK, but the enjoyment and entertainment has gone out of watching Scunny, I appreciate that there have been many not too clever seasons past, but I have never felt like turning my back on the club before, but you hear of players not wanting to be here, players told that they will not get new contracts, or players going to have their present salary slashed etc etc, this is surely being reflected on the field, and some players are not bothering, this is new to me in 69 years of attending our matches. I really, really wish that I could sit down and say that I had actually enjoyed two or three games on the trot, I think that the Bradford match was the only one that I enjoyed in the past month.

There are many Scunny fans that keep telling us that Cox took on a very poor squad, this may be so, but after8 months in charge, the standard of entertainment seems to get worse, yes I have paid out the ¬£10 fees for all away matches, and will be signing up for Tuesdays game as usual, but I can confirm that I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY SEASON TICKET, I will probably, or should I say certainly attend a game or two, but I am not committing myself like past years, if it be snowing, freezing or blowing, sitting in the Cluggy freezing one’s balls off to watch suchshite as being presented to us this season, if the club have a team of non-league players, they shouldexpect non-league crowds.

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