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IronintheSoulJon B
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H/T thoughts; first 20 mins were a bit of a disaster, the Bolton game all over again. We struggled to string two passes together and Orient were far superior. Thought the penalty award was downright ludicrous and Howard did well to stop what was a substandard spot kick. I fear the roof might have come in had that gone in.

We’ve really come into the game though since about the 25 minute mark. Eisa’s been a little frustrating today but O’Malley is such an impressive young player. Been MOTM thus far.

Hope we can carry this battling display into the second half and target Coulson a bit more. Coulson is as mobile as a rusting destroyer in a Russian harbour. Orient look decent going forward so we can’t afford our traditional flat spot after half time today. Enjoyable match so far.

PS : the worst kind of officials today, fussy, niggly, incompetent, want to be the centre of attention