6 Things You Need For Watching The Football At Home

Going to the football in person is sadly not a reality anymore for most of us, and likely won’t be for some time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun of a match.

Here are a few things that you can do at home to help you recreate the matchday atmosphere.

Invest In Surround Sound

The artificial crowd sounds used for matches are pretty realistic. It’s only the empty stands that give away that there are no fans there. It’s the sound of the fans that make the matchday atmosphere, so you want to capitalise on this at home.

You could consider investing in a good quality surround sound system. This will really make you feel like you’re part of the action, even from your sofa.

Break Out The Snacks

There are some advantages to watching the match at home – having all of the snacks you could want right there in your kitchen! So before a match, make sure you get to the shops and load up on your favourite matchday snacks.

Make sure you get them all out and ready before kickoff and then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Get Match Ready

Dig out your football shirt when your team is playing to help you get into the matchday spirit. If your football shirt it getting on a bit you might want to consider investing in a new one. You can find fantastic quality club football shirts with Soccer Box and with international shipping you can get your favourite team’s shirt no matter where you are.

Crack Open A Beer

This is another bonus to watching the football at home – cold beer straight from your fridge! Or if beer isn’t your thing, then you can enjoy any cold or hot beverage while you watch the match.

You definitely won’t get jostled and spill your beer while watching from home, and you have the added benefit of not having to go far to get your refill.

Get On Zoom

While having a Zoom matchday party might not be the same as seeing all your friends at the game, it can help to recreate some of the matchday atmosphere. Use a tablet if you have one, you can prop it up near to the TV, and you and all your friends can watch along, all while being COVID safe at home.

Make sure you have the living room to yourself so that you can fully immerse yourself in chatting with friends and enjoying the game.

Time For A New TV?

A good TV is vital for enjoying the match and recreating the matchday atmosphere. While any sized TV will do, it might be time to invest in a bigger HD TV with the money you’ve saved from not being able to go to the matches in person.

This is a really great way to treat yourself and can help you get into the football mood. Having a widescreen, high definition TV will also help make all the difference when coupled with surround sound.