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    Not surprising. Both Tories and Labour have been playing who’s anti-immigration rhetoric is closest to the farage, they will be stealing the demagogue’s two minutes hate policy.

    Ignoring the facts that our economy is struggling because of bad governance, global economics and the electorate following the pied piper of Clacton in the referendum, it’s much easier to blame it on foreigners . Telling us the NHS is on its knees because of the number of immigrants in the beds and in the waiting lists, only surviving because of the plucky white English aging population of doctors, nurses and carers…. Oh wait…..

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    I suspect it’s more likely that internal polling and canvassing has indicated to Labour that this is not as likely to be winnable as other seats, and there is a budget. Therefore, they have probably decided that it’s best directing resources to marginals where they have a better chance, like Rees-Mogg’s North East Somerset seat (which has indications it’s edging towards Labour), over spending money on something unlikely to be a winner. Hardly a conspiracy to get Farage in, this has been done for many elections and this won’t be the only seat it is done, but it makes some murmurs because of the high profile brought to it by Farage.

    In fact, this might solidify the “anyone but Farage” vote, with some swing voters who could be persuaded by Labour going Tory to keep Farage out.

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