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    Will the shortest day of the year prove to be SUFC’s longest night?

    0-8 is the Club’s current record defeat.

    A Winter Solstice Tarot Reading for SUFC using the Winter Solstice cards:

    Card 1 – Five of Wands.
    When the Five of Wands appears in a reading, it generally represents a point of conflict. Something will be contested; possibly by multiple parties.

    Card 2 – Seven of Wands.
    When the Seven of Wands appears in a tarot reading it may herald an attempt to take something away from someone. Or, depending on the card’s position in a tarot spread, it may reference a time in the past when a defensive fight over property, position or title had to be fought.

    Card 3 – Inverted Lovers.
    Generally speaking, the inverted Lovers card is negative. It has overtones of arguments, missed messages and distrust.

    Card 4 – Eight of Cups.
    The Eight of Cups represents dissatisfaction, and the concept of moving on from unfulfilling situations. The figure in the card has abandoned something, leaving it unfinished, and has gone off in search of something more satisfying.

    When something is missing from any situation, leaving may be the last and best option.

    The reasons for leaving any situation are often complex and interconnected, but somewhere a tipping-point is reached where the reasons for leaving seem to outweigh the reasons for staying.

    As we can see in the card, the lone figure does not stride off confidently or proudly. Instead he looks exhausted and disheveled as if he has been fighting a long battle with his own spirit. The light of the Sun no longer reaches him. And even his dreams seem disconnected as the Moon shuts her eyes.

    Card 5 – The Hermit.
    In many cases, the message of the Hermit is simply to scale down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with consumer messages and images of wealth. We are told that more is always better. The Hermit reminds us that this is almost always untrue. Minimalism and simplicity are powerful secrets to a stress free existence and a deeper connection to the universe.


    Feel free to make what you will of the above.

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    F ing bollocks?

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    Anybody remember Tarot Ace of Wands, TV series from the early seventies?, pretty good as I recall from my teenage youth.

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