Time to start playing attacking football.!

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    Time for Cox to deliver what he promised.ATTACKING FOOTBALL.play 4/4/2 with attacking intent to win matches.Relegation is looming unless the teams mindset is changed.we have 2 clueless goalkeepers,and coach,also crap forwards,too bigger squad with at least 20 players inept and not league standard.Time for Cox to go if today is another clueless display.Also Swann does not remain blameless,his last 3 year as chairman has been embarrassing.!

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    Cox only said he would play attacking football didn’t promise,he sucked us all in though.

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    100% re the 4 4 2. And to maintain the stability the 4 4 2 brings.

    I do believe we have a competitive squad. The problem is we aren’t playing quite a few of them !!
    The same underachievers keep the shirt and some ego’s remain massaged. WHY ?

    They have a job others can only dream about yet cannot be to bothered. Now we have 24 matches left and the ppg issue is rapidly coming into play. The other issue is if the ‘Forgotten’ got a chance then it could take 6 – 8 consecutive games in THEIR own positions to start the turn round which adds to the pressure.

    The pressure has been created from day 1 by the continued recruitment algorithm that has delivered very little and judging by this seasons recruits will remain that way. And how many on recent 2yr deals deserve it ? 1 Levi Sutton was worth at least 4 of these. And there is the logic laid out for all to see 1 wage to Levi or 4 wages on this seasons recruits – poor economics ???

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    4-5-1 again today!

    Defence looks slightly better. Hope Brown, McGahey and Onariase haven’t been rushed back too soon, although we desperately need them.

    Still not sure where the goals are coming from.

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    Might aswell sell Eisa for something now if we aren’t gonna play him and he clearly wants away at the end of the season.

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    Sell Eisa? We would be lucky if someone just took him off our hands. He’s been poor and shown little interest in playing for us since Hurst left.

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    Half time stats- numbers of shots from us 0
    never mind anything on target

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