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    1st half some of the football was first class. 1 touch passing. Switching balls across. Moving the ball quickly to wide areas. very impressive…

    2nd half created a few chances. But soon as there goal go in you could see the nerves kick in. Holding on like that will give them the world of confidence (even tho don’t think they created enough to score a 2nd)

    Boyce looks a decent signing. Taft still makes me nervous. The full backs look more than good enough for this league. Ogle was class (except for the little mistake for goal)

    Midfield I’d say could be up there with been best in the league? Butterfield is far too good for non league and a fit Whitehouse is aswell I’d say? Feeney looks skilful but obviously lacks pace. Played well tho.

    Strikers I’d say Danial isn’t fit yet. Nuttall played well enough but really does need to hold it up better. Touch let’s him down abit too. Carver didn’t really get much of a chance to judge…

    Overall rather impressed and much much better. Play like that I can’t see why we can’t challenge for play offs maybe?

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    Squad depth and fitness of Butterfield and Whitehouse may come into play there. I am however far more confident of not being in a relegation scrap now. :-)

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    Thought you looked quite good managed to watch the second half pub in Clee had it on. Its obvious the budget has gone on a decent first 11 but after that pretty weak so how you do will be dependant on injuries i guess, if you can keep Butterfield fit maybe play offs or at least top half. Not sure how you got him but I suppose it was a bit like Fox for us far too good for that level but big past injury issues – they only drop down to NL if either injury prone, lazy or mentally weak(if they have the ability) or are just NL cloggers

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    Solihull Moors will give us a better idea of where we are, steady start against a poor team yesterday.

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    Would imagine BT left with nothing but positives, good game both sides having chances and goals, all with a good atmosphere, good chance they will want to come back or show us at other grounds, obviously from a totally unbiased opinion.

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    Solihull Moors will give us a better idea of where we are, steady start against a poor team yesterday.

    Wise words

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