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    After Swann’s failure to land a non league right back I grow more concerned by the day that Swann might be right – our squad is in place before end of May and it consists of 14 pros and some juniors!

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    Not a very exciting SEASON ahead

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    He’s got what he wanted all along, why should he bother spending money anymore, once the club is relegated and interest from fans starts dwindling away he can concentrate on wrapping the club up and begin cashing in on his ill gotten gains.

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    Maybe a very exacting month ahead.

    I thought I knew a little bit about the modern game but seemingly – I don’t.
    I’ve watched the National League playoff finals and have learned a great deal.
    Playing a high line after you have scored is actually allowed. Who knew?
    Accurate passing is, apparently, not an inappropriate way of playing. Hmm.
    Moving into space to provide an outlet is used heavily in the NL. Sound plan.
    Giving space to forwards in and around your own penalty box is frowned upon.
    Playing the ball regularly into the opposition box out of reach of the GK may be attempted as a tactic.
    Getting shots on goal is considered desirable.

    I know that I’d seen all of this employed by the opposition when the Iron were playing but was unaware that we were allowed to do these things too. I really must be kept better informed.

    I really must apologise for having written on Bru when I knew so little about how the game can be played.

    Did anybody else know about these things?

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