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    irondoctorIron Doctor
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    I don’t often post on here, but feel compelled to do so. Mr Swann bought unprecedented success to our club, but I remember posting many years ago on this site that the business model was unsustainable. Massive investment without core revenue is a huge gamble in any business – particularly in football and we can all name numerous clubs, Bury probably being the last one, where it has all ended badly. You add into this the failed new ground project, the transfer of our assets, the transfer embargo and the fact we have plummeted from the Championship to third bottom of League Two, and we are in big big trouble people. I know longer trust this man and I can genuinely see the club folding because no one is going to invest in a heavily loss making business with no assets (the ground). The writing is very heavily written on the wall I’m afraid and Mr Swan knows this. It’s a duck and we deserve a cogent explanation of what he plans to do about it.

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    Pretty much agree with that apart from the ‘unprecedented success’ part. Two failed League One play off finals isn’t a success.

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    A more attractive proposition without £11 million pound debt we had in April ID, he’s only acquired the ground which is a shite hole at best,known as that tin shed by away fans.

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    Too many falling outs fo my liking.

    Managers, coaches, players, supporters, local press, local government…..

    Not sure if anyone trusts him anymore. Probably fewer now than those who said they still supported him in the poll two months ago.

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