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    Football’s Future?

    1) 5 points for an away win.
    2) 4 points for a home win.
    3) 2 points for an away draw.
    4) 1 point for a home draw.
    5) An extra point for scoring 4 or more goals in a home game.
    6) An extra two points for scoring 4 or more in an away game.
    7) Start to finish rule – you HAVE to finish the season with the manager you started with.
    8.) Start to finish rule – you HAVE to finish the season with the players you started with.
    9) No loan system – irregardless!
    10) No during season or mid season transfers.
    11) Transfers ONLY conducted between 31st May to 31st July.
    12) Introduce maximum squad sizes: 45 in Premier. 40 in Championship. 30 in L1 & L2.
    13) A rule, whereby every club in every game, has to play one (1) U18 player and two (2) U21 players.
    14) Four Subs allowed on bench: 1 Gk, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 attacker or any combination of. 4 changes allowed.
    15) Increase and standardise pitch dimensions – make the minimum pitch length 10 yards longer & the minimum pitch width 10 yards wider. To be executed on all new stadia developments and at existing grounds that can accommodate the bigger pitch.
    16) Increase goal size – a foot higher, two feet wider.
    17) Items 15 & 16 are in response to the fact that players on average are bigger, taller, stronger, quicker and fitter than in the 50s 60s 70s.
    18) Touchline ‘kick ins’ from within your own half.
    19) National League to become EFL L3
    20) Four up & Four down between L3 & NFL.
    21) No more EFL League Cup – it’s pointless.
    22) Orange ‘sin bin’ (15 minutes) card for two yellow offences rather than a red card.

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    Are you related to Stella Artois, or have you been drinking too much of it?

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    He seems a bit frisky with his posts, guess Yvette isn’t giving him any at the moment.

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