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    Hold your head down in shame all the fans who gave the players such a hard time at the end of that match.
    Look at the way Man Utd fans reacted to their teams performance last night,with a same score line and a worse performance.

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    Trust you to bring that up now.

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    Not sure it was a worse performance. Almost as bad is a fairer description Bill.

    Given most Man U fans are Londoners then they hadn’t wasted anywhere near as much time travelling either.

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    When Scunny lost so badly away at Darlo is was deemed so bad as we were actually firmly in the title race ..Manu loosing again with little to play for most of the season is a tad different , love to watch Goldbridge loose the plot on his YT channel ..

    just the FA cup to go for now tho City must be big favs.

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    No shame whatsoever, fans can and will vent their fury after an abject performance, some of ours having traveled up there twice, players and management can’t expect a free ride, there more than happy to take the praise when given, and no doubt many will have clapped them off as well.
    You should know damn well those fans will have been behind the team at the start of the game.
    If Michelle had had the balls and heard the fans fury she should have got rid of Jimmy there and then, not like she wasn’t seeing the same shit show week in week out in most games since Xmas.

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