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    Just read the Southend manager’s comments about Dieng’s two match ban. It takes a classy person to stand up for his beliefs and back his player and appeal it. Must be confident in the character of his players.
    “When they downgraded the red card they’re now trying to get Tim, but what did he do wrong?”

    It’s also a true testament to Molesley’s photographic memory that he doesn’t even need to bother finding out if there’s any kind of video evidence he needs to take a glance at.
    “Apparently when he was on the floor he held his head”

    Why even bother entertaining the thought that you might not be 100% in the right when it’s all down to the dustbowl of a pitch that little old Scunthorpe prepared. Must have been like watching an Indian test match.
    “if you had a bandage on with dust all in your face after you’ve been pushed over then I don’t know what you’re meant to do.”
    Indeed Mark, Indeed…

    Good job their Physio possessed Adkins-esque powers of healing and was able to restore the poor kid’s sight. Can we please have a word with the ground staff and make sure this doesn’t happen again? Next time it could be fatal

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    So it was dirt or dust that got into his eyes

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    Karma !

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    Karma !

    More like Krappa, Southends manager is full of it.💩

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