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    The club have made it clear that their focus is to balance the books and remove the historic debt that was amassed by the previous two owners. Given how close the club was to the brink of extinction, it is inevitable that the budget for the squad will be significantly different this time around.

    Throughout the season the town have shown incredible support for the club, with an average attendance of just over 4,000, and setting record attendances for the NLN in both league and play-off matches. This shows that the town is very much behind the club and the board and as with this season, we will go into the next season with the ‘biggest club in the division’ moniker. This will undoubtedly mean that despite a cut in the playing budget, we will likely find ourselves listed as one of the bookies favourites for promotion to the National League.

    The big question though is ‘can we fulfil the bookies expectations?’. For me, a lot will depend on who is given the managers role at the club. Last season showed that a club with a good manager and average squad can, over the length of a season, do better than a club with an average manager and a good squad. When we reflect on the season, we can see that we were beaten to the championship of the table by a well organised yet bang average squad and were beaten in the play-offs by a well organised yet bang average squad. So, whilst it is important that we get some new players in to replace those that are departing, it is vital that the club recruits the right man at the top.

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    Upcoming season we will face a very well organized team like Radcliff.
    Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson made the team very successful.
    And we may still have to face Marine, which is another team with a very talented manager.
    In fact, the players are mediocre. But play with good tactics, it made the team very successful.
    Big team but small budget must use the same method as a small team that wants to become a large team.
    Michelle must have chosen wisely in this one.

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    Playing budget gets ever smaller, club advertising for a full time chef now.

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    I thought we had a chef coming in from Hull KR??

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    Chef, not Catering Manager

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    A good chef should pay for his wages 10 times over.

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