At least Musk saved free speech

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    Oh. Still, some pink haired progressives with a high opinion of their own self-righteousness will be peeved, so it’s all worth it.

    It’s all just vibes now. As Musk shows, he doesn’t care about free speech when it makes his life easier. In this case a government (Turkey) trying to censor and he has all the excuses in the books as to why he should go along with it. Standing up to government authoritarianism is the most important battle for free speech (university silliness is very much secondary), yet the ‘pro-free speech libertarians’ who support Musk will still excuse this. Some are saying that he can’t do anything because there would be repercussions. Maybe, but that’s hardly the hallmark of a stalwart defender of free speech, as Musk sells himself as. It’s one thing standing up for free speech against annoying and blinkered activists with no political control, it’s another when standing up against a real power. The latter is a lot more dangerous and tests someone’s true principles, and Musk has failed. Miserably.

    Wikipedia made a stand against Turkey’s intrusions on their website, took them on in law, and won. It’s doable, but the self-styled free speech defender couldn’t even try. Pitiful.

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