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    You wanted to ‘take the club right through ‘ the leagues .

    I get it, you wanted success and glory with a decent amount of capital behind you.

    As an outsider I found your interviews entertaining , you seemed ‘a bit of a character’ who liked a pint , a game of golf and as you put it ‘a bit of a laugh ‘ with the fans .

    I started listening to your interviews because you said ‘don’t you dare ever compare me to Fenty we are totally different characters, I have put a lot of money into this club , it’s not easy ‘.

    Fenty was pretty bad and almost sold the club to a convicted fraudster who would have taken us to the wall , believe you me .

    You did hand over the club to a convicted fraudster , I get you have your own issues but due dillegence must have been sloppy – maybe as you referred to in one of your interviews a ‘speedy Chris ‘ moment – Chris Iwelumo ,who you said was a waste of a ‘few grand a week and could not move ‘.

    I found your interviews entertaining and deep down don’t think you are a bad guy , just the equivalent of a lottery winner with cash to burn through fortunate circumstances .

    You said the club had a 99 year lease to protect itself , when you signed it over to Coolsilk .

    But now’s your time , you can help the club survive – you did say you were willing to ‘take the money over 12 months , 24 months, whatever it takes , but there is just nothing there for Scunthorpe at the moment ‘

    Now is your time Peter , stand up and be counted – Hilton is a wrong un but you can help Scunthorpe Utd survive .


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