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    12k capacity stadium.
    Not needed.
    We couldn’t fill GP even in the Championship.
    5k would be more than ample.

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    Maybe we are planning to do a Bournemouth 😜

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    Don’t forget the extra 500 to beat Swann’s white elephant in the battle of the bruised egos. :-)

    To be fair, I am not too fussed about capacity. 5k is low if we ever aim for the league again and 12k isn’t too much larger than 9k of Glanford Park.

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    Luton is only 10k!

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    I saw the rather poor quality image of this proposed new ground via a link sent to me from twitter and a few things caught my eye ..

    12k .. overkill ..5 to 10 fine

    Build the ground first with one or two stands so can play there season 25/26 is possible if the planning etc can be done in record time .. BUT it would mean playing at a half finished stadium that may never get completed let alone it being surrounded by various other construction sites re Hotel , Shopping center n food court etc etc .. all this would lead to rather an unpleasant vibe and feel to attending home games and IMO put many off.

    A few other questions
    How much was paid for the land ??
    What is the budget for the build ??
    Funding ??
    Who nicked the signs ??
    Where the hell are we playing this 23/24 season ??.. its getting very late as fixtures are out in early July if im not mistaken.

    My heart says i hope it all goes well for the best the club its a success
    My head says total fantasy…and Swan holds the Aces re GP

    Re season tickets and 1899 for that matter.. if it comes to a ground share for the coming season and it is not a convenient location for some can they get a refund as when buying the ST (in cash) was on the assumption games would be at GP … similarly with 1899 .. i would hope a full refund to the circa 50 or 60 who dipped their toe in the water would be the order of the day.

    ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE Loving the new signings and confident on the pitch we will have a team than can challenge at the top of the NLN.

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