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‘Deerey, results have been shocking for four seasons, that’s why gates had dropped to 2,300, now that a new owner and manager have come in, and more obviously, Mr Evil has left the club, the gates more than doubled this week’

So are you saying it’s mainly about the results or about the previous owner that gates dropped so much? Both isn’t it? I’m saying regardless of results Hilton will be working on ways to keep those that came
back on Friday to keep coming back. Incentivisation isn’t reliant on results alone.

Deerey—-I was not saying that it was just about results and the fact that the Evil One had left the club pal, I was trying to refer to the Scunny performance that they presented to the crowd of over 5,000, how many of those fans do you think “left the game feeling in a happy mood” and that they are dying to get to the next home game????????????, I will tell you, possibly 5% of the gate.

At the end of the day Deerey, there are as you know reasons for supporters going to matches, one is habbit, and the main reason is entertainment and enjoyment, both of these have been missing for over four years, and that is the main reason why gates had dropped to 2,200 home fans, and I am saying that this will happen again if the football presented to them stays like the very poor showing on Friday.

It is very early days yet, and fans accept that there is no way of avoiding another relegation, but they need to be entertained, and not to just sit there like pricks, and bored to bloody death.