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Well guys, IU am sorry to say but my posting of 3 hours ago has come true, I said that Elliott and Shart did not look as though they had the money, and interest seemed to be flagging, I am really sad but it has now come true, and that evil little fat gobbed prat has further advanced his aim of SUFC liquidation.

Prediction is that news will soon filter through that players wages aere not available and the end is very close.

So you so called fans that booed the lads for Saturdays pitch protest can feel a bit of shame, as all you were doing was giving your support to Swann and Turnbull and in a way the Iron-Trust who’s backbone seems to be missing, they would probably be able to then run a large food bank at GP.

It really makes me sick how one little fat excuse for a man has taken away the pleasure of 5 or 6 thousands of people, may he rot in hell!!!!!

Bury here we come!!!!