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Well done lads, it sounded like a lot of effort was put in to the match, and although the other team are having a bad run and no league wins in the past seven games, it was nice to listen the game and christ also a clean sheet.

Although a nice three points were taken from this match, it was not good to see that most of the bottom six teams also recorded wins, but maybe this performance will give the lads a bit of confinence in the near future, the thing is we really need a run of three or four wins on the bounce, but after all, todays win was the first win since eleven matches, so very small comfort treally.

For things to look a bit more rosey, the club must be taken over by the new owners within a couple of weeks, but we all know this will not happen.

So Mr Swann, please do the right thing and sell our club to some people that really want the best for the club and it fans, and try to reclaim a minute ammount of respect from fans from your disasterous eight years stay at SUFC.