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That was the worse 90 min commentary I have ever listened to, not basing it on the the guys doing it, but the Scunthorpe team were so out played, and never looked likely to gain any points from the game. For the second match on the trot, Scunny never had even one shot on target, that is over three hours plus some of the game that ptreceeded these two matches, it is it is worse than being pathetic, and relegation was sealed today, now six points adrift, a far worse goal difference, and played a game more than others.

Swann says that the club have no money to pay off the loan, does he need reminding that this loan plus the £12 million other loss are direct results of his management of the club, he cannot still blame Covid or that supporters need to attend games, there is no valid reason to attend matches just to leave feeling sick to the back teeth of what our club has turned out to be.

I still think that in my opinion, Swann has driven the club to the point of administration and bankcrucey, which would make the vast ammount of land that his own company have now claimed ownership of, will be the final outcome of this sad situation, keeping Cox on worked a treat.

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