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Whether people agree or disagree with UTI he has every right to offer his view without others slanging him off. Like UTI, I rarely post on here because of the abuse that comes whenever anyone holds a view that doesn’t meet with general approval. Is there any wonder, therefore, that UTI himself fights back.

It’s also worth saying that UTI is making a very valid point. As he points out, it’s highly unlikely that the land is worth anything like the amount that Swann has put into the club.

I’m bitterly disappointed by how Swann’s let things slide and feel very let down as a result of this. However, it’s absurd to suggest he’s somehow happy about what’s happened or the outcome. What’s more, we haven’t been relegated yet. Plenty of clubs have been through incredibly tough times and fought back. There’s no reason we can’t do the same.

Bucks you double standards never fail to astound me!! Yes UTI is entitled to his opinions BUT everyone esle is also!! However when we try voice our opinions we are accused of saying thigs that we haven’t, having agenda’s that we don’t and when you are challenged on it you cry like a baby and disappear!

Just because I believe that Peter Swann is the worst Chairman in the history of Scunthorpe United does not mean that I want us to get relegated! Do you think I enjoy handing over my hard earned every week to sit in a shit hole of stadium and watch utterly shocking football, just so that I can say I’m right???? I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong…..can you see it happening?

While far from optimistic I’m not giving up on the club and still hope that Swann can turn things round. I can’t help feeling that while there are some on here who might say the same thing, in reality they wouldn’t be too upset if we were to go down because it would “prove them right”.

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