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Ferrite, you forgot to mention that Keith Hill is having to select his team from the same squad of players that Cox brought into the club, most of whome are not league two standard, he cannot select his team from new players because Swann maintains the Football Leeagues embargo.

Everyone can see that the fitness has improved vastly, but at the end of the day it is the same playing squad, and 80% of them are bloody rubbish, you can improve fitness, but basic skills have to be there in the first place, anyway Ferrite you will get your wish and the point you are trying to promote shortly, because I cannot see Hill being here still May!!!, I am sorry to say.

Maybe Cox will be brought back to suit you pal, because he will never get a job anywhere else, and he has experience of non-league football, he was assistant manager of a team in that league when Swann employed him, much to our horror.

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