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All of the above is correct, there are no signs of any players coming into the club, yes they have signed a 19 year old that has never ever played in the football league. The club no longer have Loft, Scrimshaw or the keeper that have gone back to their clubs, so we are two players short of the pathetic squad we had before the transfer window, there is no talk regading any new moves for players, and the club still have players in their squad that are never ever going to be good enough or even good enough to be selected into our very poor twam, when I say “talk”, that would never be believed anyway if in came fronm Swann, he has spun possibly 20 of his mistruths already, and nothing he says is ever going to be swallowed again by all of us ex-attending supporters.

I am fully expecting that the next move will probably be the resignation of Keith Hill, I really do not think that he will hang about knowing that Peter Swann is just going to let the club die! but as bad as it sounds, I still believe that this could be part of the plan, the land that holds the ground, the car park and the practice pitch would be worth a lot of cash as a full sale, and there is still no valid other reason for keeping Cox as manager for a year too long, or is it just because Peter does not and is reluctant to sack managers!!!, it’s maybe not in his blood!!!!

All the fans can do is sit and wait and see if anything does forth, and then wait for the supporters to get the blame for not turning up to see and support the present day rubbish that we have put up with for 3 or 4 years, and of course the COVID issue, (only Scunthorpe had it).

EVEN UPTHEIRON99 has given up with his 100% support for Swann.

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