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I don’t think there is an expectation amongst anyone on this board that there must be a queue of kind hearted millionaires looking to buy the club nor is there an expectation that we have a given right to be even moderately successful.

But, the argument above from 99 seems to be akin to ‘better the devil you know’ which in this case is flawed.

This isn’t about funding, this is about bad decision making.

Football club ownership is voluntary. No one forced Peter Swann into Scunthorpe.

No one forced him to choose us over Lincoln City who he was also talking to.

No one forced him to explode the playing budget with a series of early high profile signings that he knew we had no prospect of funding without his continued bankrolling of the show. Note use of the word ‘continuing’ there.

If he didn’t know the future implications of his actions at that fine then more fool him.

No one forced him to make multiple share issues and certainly no one forced him to end up hocking the ground to the parent company to pay for his own past decisions.

No one forced him to make a series of promises relating to the club and the ground.

We now have what is surely the smallest budget in the league but yet we are not the smallest club.

There are some sides in league 2 who will still be behind us in terms of income and numerous more who are comparable.

We have seen, over the last 4 seasons, a systematic dismantling of the club through bad decision making and a now apparent ‘wash my hands of the whole affair’ attitude – snd that is why we are where we are – not because we aren’t run by a multi millionaire who is happy to pump cash in.

There are lots of similar sized clubs above us in the pyramid who don’t have wealthy owners but survive to their means with quiet dignity (and avoid becoming a laughing stock).

There are times this season, for the first time in a long time, that I’ve been genuinely embarrassed watching us.

Swann takes the credit for that so in this case ‘better the devil you know’ doesn’t apply.

I’d take virtually anyone at this time – millionaire or not – as long as they have the best interests of the club at heart.