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Well it has just finished,and although it was not a 4-0 type of game, after saying that, the nil part of it was correct, because apart from a couple of scuffed shots, their keeper had a very easy afternoon, we do not have any forwards that look likely to score goals!!!!!
And why the hell do they keep taking these stupid bloody worthless short corners, O’Malley takes a great set piece cross, but now does not take them.

WATSON—6—Poor with the first goal, but made a couple of good saves.
O’Malley–5—Was ok, but not used correctly.
TAFT—5–Very clumsey at times.
DAVIS—4—Not good enough today.
ROWE–6—Defended well.
GREEN–4–Has speed, but does not use it, terrible ball control and worse at passing.
HIPPOLYTE–6—Did ok and had a good first half.
PUGH—4—Had a very poor game and subbed at half time, not really league standard.
HACKNEY–6—Started very well and had a good first half, dackered second half.
GALLIMORE–6—Was ok, but a weak headed clearance for their first goal.
BUNN—6—Did his best, but wants some front player support.

REF—8—OK and got most things correct.

MANAGER—6—Did what he can with a very average squad of players, he knows like everyone else that we need a goal scorer. My biggest problem is why does he not insist on O’Malley not taking set plays!!we are just wasting them with the present players taking them.

SUMMARY—-The team played well during the first half and should never have been 2-0 down, the Watson blunder for the first goal really changed the game, although we never troubled the Tranmere keeper, we did have a couple of near misses.
With other teams at the bottom of league two either winning or not playing, Scunthorpe are losing ground at the bottom, today was not our biggest problem, it was the three points that we gifted Carlisle in that home match last week was the sickener, but with our next game at Exeter, we have a good chance of being stranded at the bottom, with too big a gap to recover from. I must sat that the new lad looked really quick and is better than the players that we have been playing, but you cannot score goals sitting on the bench!!!