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I agree with pretty much all that has been said, to bring in a young unproven lad from any team is a great risk.

Loft is a big strong battling centre-forward who is a real handful as proven on Boxing Day away at Oldham. The type of striker Mr Hill likes so its a great pity Loft’s head had already been turned away from the Iron as most of his displays show!

Young Lewis did nothing wrong v Carlisle but the decision to replace him for Loft left us without a strike force at all until Scrimshaw came on.

Given what is at stake ie over 70 years of league status which did not come easily in the first place and with National league budgets at phenomenal levels it would be even harder to regain league status.

To sign in-experienced players and potentially allow ours to go to relegation rivals would be a massive own goal.

Seemingly on and off the pitch things had turned a corner, the January transfer window incomings and outgoings are a true test of the Chairman’s nous and football gamesmanship and the message he sends out to the clubs around us.

It may be cheaper in the long run to consign Loft to the reserves, loose him for nothing in the summer rather than allow his goals to keep someone else up.