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Why are you talking to me as if your source backs up your point? You have shared a source from the CDC saying that the PCR has been withdrawn in favour of a multiplexed one without any claims of accuracy being the reason. I have shared an article outlining that they did and gave reasons why.

I don’t know why you expect me to exclaim you as correct when you are sharing no evidence in support of your claims. I will change my mind if I am given evidence to support your claim.

A CDC report saying they are moving to multiplexed tests, with no specification of it being because of accuracy concerns, and saying Queensland have scrapped them for visitors, while they use them for those in need (and indeed specify stock concerns as the reason if you gooogle it) doesn’t convince.

Specify the specific detailing that PCRs are inaccurate, because what you have shown doesn’t support it. You can go on about the CDC all you like, and there’s nothing invalid about that link, but it doesn’t say a thing about PCRs mistaking flu. It just says they want a multiplexied system which can give flu diagnoses as well. This doesn’t mean they were getting false results for flu before.