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To Ryan Loft.

I was one of many who said we wanted shot of you. Sorry Geeze, keep playing like you did for 45 minutes today. 2 goals and 1 assist.


I have said many times on here that Loft is the better player between him and Jarvis and on ability would have been the one “providing he can be bothered” to get the goals.

Certain people on here “not mentioning any names” were coming out with “rather have Jarvis..Loft’s useless”

Do you still feel the same way after that 45minute display ?

I have said before that Loft has more ability in his left ball sack than Jarvis does in his whole body, if and this is a big if, he can actually be bothered from here on in, he’ll be the one to get the goals.

Bunn makes a difference as well as that more creative link upfront. If we get another couple of strikers, A creative midfielder and maybe another CB..we’ll be alright.

WonderGoals—-Loft had a really good second half today, but you must admit that in most matches Jarvis has been the better player between the pair of them. I think that we all saw today that Loft actually put in a lot of effort into his game, where as he has not been doing so, why do you think that he has not been selected by Keith Hill reacently???, this manager will soon suss out players that are not giving much effort, I hope this is the start that continues in the coming games. This compares with McAtee of last season, he really was a good player, but only when he wanted to be, on other occasions he didn’t give a toss.