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According to the chief executive,
we had 400 responses or there abouts, from the fans survey, 200 of these apparently stated that they would not return due to COVID concerns.

We are roughly 800-1000 supporters down from our usual average attendances for the past 25 years, some of these will be staying away due to the shite football, a substantial proportion will be staying away because of Swann.

The club/Swann are unwilling to see what is happening in front of them, therefore they have no hope of remedying the situation. Token efforts of goodwill are now transparent as nothing comes to fruition from them, the shareholder/season ticket meetings have appeased the growing sense of unrest amongst the fan base for now.

Personally, I have given up hope of anything substantially improving now under the Swann’s. It is looking increasingly likely it will be non league football for us next year and we all know that we won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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