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It is not as easy as Boris Johnson says regarding they want every adult to get booster jabs by the end of this month. The rules are that you have your 1st jab, then your second jab is due so many months later, followed three months later for the booster jab, so anyone that has only just had either of the first two jabs, will have a minimum of three more months before the booster, and even a lot longer if you are still waiting for your second jab. So there will be many millions of Brits not able to have the booster till well into 2022.

But in my opinion, these different strains of Covid will keep coming, and as one is so called under control, another one is in the waiting, I remember 16 months ago saying on this forum that this virus would be ongoing for years, I am really sorry to say that it has and will turn out to be correct. Whilst airports remain open to all foreign flights these new strains will arrive shortly after first being discovered. And whilst selfish people still insist on going on foreign holidays, or going to India or where ever to see their relations, which does not help in any way, but as we all know, it will continue, and any new strain will be ready to pounce!