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And although the improvement is quick it was allowed to be so shit for so long that it’s still not happening quickly enough.

Completely disagree. From where we were to now is like night and day, we look unrecognizable in a sense.

I’d even go as far as to say if we had 2 half decent strikers we’d have turned these draws into wins. That’s what will possibly let us down and that’s not Keith Hills fault.

I think with the work he’s down over what, 3 weeks?….has been nothing short of a miracle considering we were a team that were knackered after pressing for 35 minutes.

Togetherness, hard working, much improved fitness, least we look like a football team now and in Hippolyte he’s turned him into what looks like a top end league 2 player. That in it’s self is bonkers.

We seriously need wins I’ll agree on that but Hill’s doing the most he can with a pretty shit hand he was dealt.

Les, Perry is injured “groin” don’t think he’s far away. Davies not sure about. Hallam is a lost cause. Kenyon is 3 weeks away. O’Neil despite him being absolute dog mess, came back 2 weeks ago and broke down again so he’s another lost cause.

Loft was subbed again today, he seriously needs to get a grip of himself because I can’t see anybody wanting him with the way he’s playing. Loft is poor at the minute but on his day “few and far between” he does have the ability to score though.

Jarvis is more consistent throughout the 90 minutes and is a work horse but never really looks like scoring “besides that bullet header”

Bunn sounded like he added something though. I just hope to god Loft pulls his finger out sooner rather than later.

I’d go Loft and Bunn next match. I despite Loft at the moment for the way he’s playing and I like Jarvis but he never looks a goal threat.

If and this is a big if, Loft can somehow turn it around…I still think he’s a bigger goal threat than Jarvis. If we had a better striker then I’d start Jarvis without doubt as he’d be the ideal foil but needs must and we need goals.

This is how bad it is for striker options at this club !

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