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This would have been a good point, if only we could win a home game for a change, one good thing being that both the other two teams near us both lost 0-1, which gives us 15 points, Oldham 15 points and Carlisle 16 points, and Stevenage and Barrow not too far in front of us three, but we must win a few matches, we cannot rely on the other tewams losing every week.

My ratings for tonight are:-

WATSON—8—Had a good game once again and the defence in front of him were dodgy
MILLEN—6—Too many poor passes.
O’MALLEY—6— Did ok.
TAFT–4–Had a very poor game, and caused too much trouble in our third of the pitch.
ONARIASE–7—Played well as usual.
GREEN—5—Went off injured again, fast but no real threat up front.
BEESTIN—6—Started well but faded second half.

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