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The improvement in such a short spell under Hill is just further evidence that Cox should have been axed much earlier.

Team now has a structure to it and a real identity. Fitness levels are visibly improving but still obviously not there yet. Hill get’s the fitness up and we play with that energy for near enough the full 90mins, I can’t see us going down.

Hill jokingly did hint post match that the players would be all claiming to be injured to dodge the training they have coming up and without a game for a fair while, they’ll get a right hammering which is much needed.

I expect to see further improvements upon our next game.

Today Beestin played out of skin, Hippolyte oddly looks a real player in cm and Jarvis really impressed me.

Millen’s defensive work is a bit dodgy at times but has a fantastic delivery on him. Thompson has good energy but prefer O’Malley. I can’t grumble today though as they all did really well for the most part.

I like O’Hara as well in goal. I’d like us to dump Bilson and if we can free up funds, we should sign him if at possible for a nominal fee to battle it out with Watson.

If Jarvis can keep today’s efforts up I’ll have to eat my words because that’s a million times better than what Loft has shown. I hope he keeps it up.

I always did say we had talent here but it was totally mismanaged by Cox. This shows it 100%.

This is a difference between a manager who 100% knows what he’s doing and a 1st timer who’s completely out of his depth.

The players fitness levels under Cox was a piss take. Thank God we’ve got Hill in. I’ve got to admit I like Hill. I hope he stays for the foreseeable future.

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