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Hold the front page. The Iron don’t have a team full of good players.

Seems to be a bit of a surprise to some posters on here. Where have you been the last three and a half seasons?

Keith Hill has had 17 days and 3 whole league games and we still concede chances to top 6 teams. What has the man been doing with his time.

What I saw tonight was a team with very little in the way of quality stand up and be counted against a very decent League 2 team and gain a point. Yes they rode their luck and better teams would have punished them. The good news is there are only 4 or 5 better teams in this League. Workrate and energy is all you have got to work with against better quality teams. Show those things against lesser teams and (some) results will come.

By all means criticise the events and people that got us in this mess but berating £500 quid a week footballers for their lack of quality is ridiculous. Especially from people that can’t be arsed to go and watch them.

Well done tonight lads for the shift you put in.

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