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He certainly needs plenty of time to score a goal, refuses to be rushed. Why didn’t he just HEAD IT!!!!!!!! He’s missed 3 from inside the 6 yard box in 2 games that have cost us valuable points. IF there’s improvement in him he needs to find it quickly.

My thoughts entirely. That’s what I was getting at. The instinct a striker should have he just hasn’t got.

That in my opinion isn’t so much a lack of game time, that’s just simply not being a good enough. A striker should not need a run of games to have the instinct to stick a ball away which is right there to be hit.

Hill was asked this post match that if he thought he took far too long to want to hit the ball and he agreed.

I’m not writing him completely off but that’s a worrying thing for a striker. Millen was quite an odd one but thought he looked better there than RB because he can’t really defend and to be fair to him he’s got really good delivery though and clipped a great cross in.

Regarding Jarvis I just think if the natural instinct to score goals isn’t there for a striker and you keep playing him then you’re asking for trouble.

I’d personally give Wilson a go, he’s able to score with both feet and has a bit of composure about him. No doubt in my mind that Jarvis has cost us points these last few matches and they weren’t exactly hard chances either.

We’ll have to wait and see.

In regards to the players current fitness levels this far into the season. I’d love for it to come out what Cox and Lillis actually had the players doing.

Quarter of the season gone and they’re cream crackered after 60 mins. When he first came in they only lasted 30+ before tiring.

No wonder we looked so bad and kept dropping deep. They would have all been knackered as they didn’t even have a base level of fitness.

Utter piss take.

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