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It’s OK supporters staying away and it is your decision, but if you stay away and come on here boasting about not coming and the club folded just remember you helped with the demise, I agree with the reasons like the chairman over the last 3 years and the dire football and negative tactics but if the club folded and the club restarted we would be playing Brigg and Barton OB or no club at all and then the owner could recoup his money on development of other projects.

You are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Plenty of clubs are higher up the leagues with smaller gates than ours, how are Accrington or Burton doing well in League One?

Fundamentally, the club is not entitled to our money. It does not have a right to receive our £20 every fortnight. It needs to earn that right, whether it’s through good football, a good atmosphere or by creating a proper club environment where people feel like they’re actually part of the club.

You can’t blame people who aren’t prepared to keep handing over their money at this stage.

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